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A great many of our new patients come to us  following a recommendation from an existing patient. If you don't know any of our patients you may be interested to hear what our patients say about us. Here are some examples.
We welcome all feedback from our patients. If you would like to add to these, or have any comments or concerns we would love to hear from you. Please email us or complete the online feedback on the Google+ link or Yelp link below. Thank you!
Visited in January 2015. Posted on 15 January 2015.
“I am very happy with this dental centre. In particular, the dentist is a very lovely, caring, friendly and very Professional Dentist. The best I have seen in years!!”

Visited in November 2014. Posted on 21 November 2014
“I have recently changed dentist to here as I was not happy with my previous one. I must say what a delight very friendly people. The dentist I have been assigned to listened to me and together we formed a plan of action. If you are nervous or afraid I can not recommend this dentist practice highly enough”,

Visited in October 2014. Posted on 10 October 2014
“I'm currently undergoing treatment for a bad tooth infection, my tooth is dying and am in a lot of pain. I came from another practice for a second opinion. I am so impressed with both the dental nurse and the Dentist both were extremely helpful and professional. The nurse is very reassuring and their faith in the dentist, gave me every confidence in this practice. I am now joining this practice with my children.”

Visited in October 2014. Posted on 15 October 2014
“I have been extremely happy with my treatment at the Croft despite being very reluctant to go to a dentist. They are very professional whilst being considerate to individual needs & concerns. They always take time to explain & reassure you. I happily recommend this practice to anyone.”

Visited in August 2014. Posted on 09 August 2014
“Having found this new dentist due to the bad experience at my last I was a bit concerned however the treatment here was far superior and the staff great I have no hesitation in fully recommending”

Visited in May 2014. Posted on 28 May 2014
“What can I say from walking into the dentist to leaving the dentist, I was made to feel very comfortable and the way the dentist treated me and explained what has been happing to my teeth and gums etc , the dentist really put me at ease and I felt very relaxed. I know this sound silly but i must say it was a nice experience Thank you all so much”.

Visited in April 2014. Posted on 31 May 2014
“I can’t thank my dentist enough for their excellent work. I sing their praises whenever possible. The nurses and reception staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. Altogether a very pleasing experience”.

Visited in March 2014. Posted on 16 June 2014
“......I was extremely nervous every time I went but they made sure I was comfortable at all times and walked me through what was happening. I am so happy that I went to that dentist and I have now completed all my treatment. I am due to go back in 3 months and hopefully that will go well. I was also shown exactly how to brush my teeth and what equipment I should use and I have been following that the the letter.

I would highly recommend this dentist to everyone and I would say if you are a nervous patient it is the best place to go. I cannot rave about the dentist enough”.
Visited in March 2015. Posted on 28 March 2015
“I called to make an appointment for my daughter who was suffering with toothache. We were registered at a different surgery, but were keen to move as their care historically had been very poor. As soon as I explained to the Croft receptionist they quickly arranged an appointment for my daughter. My daughter was extremely nervous about having an injection, but the dentist was amazingly patient and talked her through the procedure. She had the injection, which she hardly felt and the dentist was able to fill her tooth. I would recommend this surgery in a heart beat. We had more care here in 45 minutes than we have had in the last couple of years in our current surgery. We are now in the process of registering all of our family with the Croft surgery."

Visited in March 2015. Posted on 28 March 2015
"I was a bit sceptical about moving from my NHS-only dentist to this one. The decision was made easier because it was a 15-minute car ride to the previous one, but I can (and do) walk to The Croft.

It was certainly a good decision! Although the previous dentist listened to my requests, The Croft actually asks me things and, I'm sure, would do what is necessary without the cost & aggro of a referral to a private specialist, which cost has been very significant before. I trust their judgement and can't help but think how things that are, on the face of it, the same can be so very different in reality."
Visited in April 2015. Posted on 14th April 2015.
“Very Friendly, Feel relaxed, always give good advice. I would be extremely likely to recommend the dental practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment”

Visited in April 2015. Posted on 14th April 2015.
“My faith is restored. Very nervous patient.”
Visited in April 2015. Posted on 22nd April 2015.
“I was so scared, but the dentist talked me through it, she was absolutely brilliant”

Visited in April 2015. Posted on 22nd April 2015.
“Ease of appointment, explanation of treatment and expertise. I would be extremely likely to recommend the dental practice to friends and family”
Visited January 2016
"I am just at the beginning of Invisalign, with my doctor having been through the treatment her self all appointments so far have been informative and clearly understood. Their dental cover is excellent value for money. I was impressed to receive a personal warming welcome from the practice manager on arrival of my first appointment. All steps have been clearly articulated to me, and the process has been swift. I was so impressed I have now moved all my dental care to this practice."

Visited January 2016. 
"Very patient, talked through the procedure. Really, The best dentist i ever had."

Visited in December 2015. 
"Great practice, would highly recommend. After my old dentist retired, being a nervous patient, it took me a long time to pluck up the courage to find someone new. I am so glad I chose The Croft Dental Practice. They called with a cancellation appointment so I was seen quickly.  I needed a couple of things doing but the appointments were very close together so I didn't have too long to work myself up! It was totally unnecessary worry as the dentist was wonderful, calm, patient and after my first two replacement filings I was barely bothered about coming back for the last one! Thanks so much for putting me at ease, even booked the 6 month check up appointment on the way out, never done that before! Receptionists are lovely and nothing is too much trouble. Highly, highly recommend The Croft Dental Practice 10/10"

 Visited in November 2015.
"A caring and very professional dentist 
A caring and very professional dentist who seems to keep up to date with the latest products and best practise. I feel I am "in good hands”

Visited in September 2015.
"Good experience - The dentist always keeps you informed of the treatment available and the various options open to you after the initial inspection. Always treated with respect and a nice reassuring  manner. "

Visited in September 2015.
"This really is a 5 star service - I've always been a nervous dental patient and hadn't been to my dentist for sometime when a broken tooth forced me to seek an appointment with my old dental practice. I called them at the beginning of August to be told that the first available appointment with my own dentist was at the beginning of September. As I was in pain I wasn't willing to wait that long and so I booked an appointment at the Croft Dental Practice, having seen their good reviews on the NHS website. They were able to offer me an appointment within a week and I have nothing but praise for the treatment I have received. Both the hygienist and the dentist who treated me were extremely considerate and gentle and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. The dentist was particularly patient and administered a literally painless injection prior to my treatment. Overall, a great service and I'll definitely be sticking with Croft in the future."

Visited in August 2015.
"Restored my trust ! - As a very very nervous patient due to past experience I was a absolutely petrified of going to the dentist, so much so I had not been in a long time. I even cried walking into the room but the dentist was amazing. They calmed my nerves, kept me in the loop all the way through the check up and made sure I was aware of all my options. I'm so glad I found this dentist and hope that over time I will feel less and less nervous. Thank you guys so much."

Visited April 2016
"Good at what they do!”

Visited April 2016
"It’s a very friendly dental practice and the standard of service provided is high"

Visited March 2016
"Made me feel very calm –(very nervous Patient). Explained everything clearly for me. Very happy with everything."

Visited March 2016
"Dentist extremely friendly and approachable, makes the children feel at ease ."

Visited March 2016
"The staff are very friendly and helpful and would recommend to my friends."

Visited February 2016
"Very good Service superfriendly caring staff."

Visited February 2016
"Felt very relaxed, everything explained clearly."

Visited June 2016. 
"This dentist surgery is amazing. For many years, I've felt that as an nhs patient, I have to put up with anything a dentist offers and just be grateful that I have a dentist at all. I have had some really bad dentists and as a result, I have developed a true fear. A friend recommended Croft to me and they have been wonderful, they have taken my fears into account, been kind, patient and allowed me to have an input into all aspects of my treatment. My dentist discusses what they are going to do and offers to stop if I'm getting stressed. So far, they haven't had to. I've just had nasty root canal work done and I can assure you, I've had minor fillings that were more traumatic at other surgeries. I can't speak highly enough of this surgery and I know that keeping up to date with my treatment won't be any hardship. In the past I've dreaded appointments for days in advance, and although my fear is still there, I know I'll be treated with kindness, respect and courtesy and there will be no nasty surprises. At last, getting my teeth treated is no hardship. All the staff are lovely and very professional, the surgery is clean and welcoming and appointment availability is brilliant. "

Visited June 2016
"Excellent dentist (Rodica) and Hygienist (Madeleine)"

Visited June 2016
"Staff are very friendly and helpful. They explained everything very thoroughly. Excellent service"

Visited May 2016
Nick and Rodica have been very kind, polite and encouraging - the eye to detail has been excellent. Thank you"

Visited May 2016
"I hated the Dentists !  still do, but have absolute confidence in my treatment. Thank you :) "

Visited October 2016.
" My Family and I are extremely pleased with the treatment we receive "

Visited September 2016.
"Good Information given"
"Excellent service and a lovely Lady (Rodica) puts you at ease  "
"Friendly and stress free experience"

Visited August 2016.
" The Hygienist (Madeleine) was amazing. She has the best customer care experience. She deserves a pat on the back. I am a very difficult patient"

Visited August  2016.
"  Very Friendly receptionist on arrival and leaving. Friendly and helpful Dental staff"

Visited July 2016.
"Good Service, honest dentist, friendly staff"

Visited July2016.
"I have been impressed in all my personal care and my son's"

Visited July2016.
"Friendly, professional and great with children"

Visited January 2017.
I had two implants a couple of days ago. Sharmilla performed the procedure and I am glad to say that it all went very smoothly. I would recommend this practice without hesitation in the manner of their service and the professionalism displayed.

Visited  December 2016. 
Absolutely elated to have found this Dental practice. Croft Dental was recommended to me from a friend as I needed to see a Dentist asap. Croft Dental managed to fit me in at short notice for the following day. The whole experience was professional and friendly from the Practice manager to the receptionist. My experience with the Dentist exceeded my expectations right from the start. I felt that I received sound advice and options were discussed after an analysis of my x rays. During my treatment I was constantly updated on progress and to top it off, my treatment was pain free. Always a winner! Thanks again Croft Dental and to my new Dentist, you have a new client!

Visited November 2016.
I tried to leave some feedback re my treatment at Croft Dental but somehow could not, so I decided to write to you. I had an appointment with Priya last Monday,  I was booked to have a tooth extracted. I cannot express in words just how terrified I was leading up to this treatment. I was at our previous dentist 27 years before joining Croft, never once did I ever consider any treatments without sedation, and I was never encouraged to do so without sedation. I was terrified, so much that I do not remember even getting into the dentist chair,  it was a blur,  but Priya was amazing, she talked me through every stage of the treatment, she is extremely professional, I trusted her and my tooth was extracted before I knew it..65 years old and I can now say my fear of dentists disappeared that morning.I am so grateful. So...if anyone reads this and are nervous about visiting a dentist, Croft Dental is the practice for you!
April 2017.
Brilliant service. Very friendly and very helpful. Highly  recommended.

April 2017.
My family have been using The Croft for several years with no problems. We have found the staff, hygienists and dentists to be friendly, helpful and professional. I personally have issue's visiting dentists but Dr Rodica Pirtea and Marguerite Kelly soon made me feel at ease.

March 2017 
Like most people I have never been keen to visit the dentist but must say that the experience with CDC as as good as it gets, nice and friendly team, well organised.

March 2017.
I am having implants fitted which involves the removal of four teeth, the placement of a temporary denture and associated oral surgery, including bone graft. This was conducted last Friday afternoon in a marathon session. Everything had been planned and explained to me, in writing and verbally. Appropriate medication was provided afterwards with clear instructions as to use, along with the opportunity to contact the dental surgeon in the ensuing days. This I did, as I was concerned about the degree of swelling and discomfort. The extent of discomfort , rather than pain, must not be underestimated. This leads to an immediate change in diet, to soft, crushed, tepid, foods and non alcoholic drinks. It is vital to retain ones belief that the long term benefits outweigh the short term discomfort. It is also a good idea to think in terms of giving oneself a few days off work whilst the trauma settles down. I had the weekend, but it was not enough. I cannot fault the treatment and levels of patient attention.

February 2017.
Really impressed. Have just joined the practice and have found everyone to be welcoming and professional. I was worried about the hygienist appointment after painful past experiences but Jackie was excellent.

February 2017.
Having been a patient at Croft Dental Centre for over two years, I can highly recommend the practice for both NHS and private treatment. Nicholaos and Jackie have always been excellent both in standard of work and manner, and private pricing is always fair. All the staff I have dealt with have been very pleasant and polite.

August 2017
Have been a patient here for the last few years. Suffering complex problems from surgery in my childhood, the practice supported (and chased) referrals for more in depth support and managed the handover back to the practice (when treatment concluded) well. My initial tooth complaints were handled with empathy and understanding and I'm very satisfied with the work they've completed.

August 2017
I was very impressed, very professional in the surgery and with the service I received. Made me feel at ease was given excellant advice. I would advise anyone to come here. Staff very friendly.

July 2017.
I have had a great visit with my dentist and reception all friendly and helpful. I would recommend. 

July 2017
Great service, friendly staff and my teeth have never felt better

June 2017.
I am a slightly nervous patient and was worried (as usual) about seeing a new dentist. But Nik was lovely and very re assuring. thank you. 

June 2017
Prompt, efficient and very friendly treatment. I am pleased to recommend this centre to you.

May 2017
My appointment was on Tues 23 May 2017 and I was treated by a dentist. I was seen immediately on arrival and on completion of my treatment the doctor recommended that my dentures required a clean. They arranged for this to happen on the same day. I consider that this was over and above their normal duty and I appreciate their professional attitude.

May 2017
Friendly, Good Feedback, not pushed into treatment.

October 2017
I trust my dentist and value his advice and opinion (Nikolas)

October 2017
Rajpal has been very thorough and very good explanations of treatment done. All treatment seems to be very successful. Broken tooth restored really well and no pain. 

October 2017
Priya was very good with my 13 year old. who had a tooth extracted today. Kept her calm informed and ensured she was not in any pain

September 2017
Nice and clean dental facilities. Very approachable staff and Dentist. Good space car park for costumers. Great offer for yearly check up. Thumbs up and recommended!

September 2017
NHS friends and Family Test - I am extremely Likely to recommend our dental practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. The main reason I feel this way ? Time Keeping, Cleanliness and friendly staff.

March  2018
Very Good service to nervous patient. 

February 2018
Went into appointment on time. Friendly staff, Good quality check up. 

February 2018
Excellent as always. Myself and my wife went together, appointments were on time and straight forward enough. Reception staff are very polite and our dentist is excellent. She spends the right amount of time explaining everything with you and she is always friendly and positive. She was also great with our 2 year old boy who we took for the first time to experience the environment , letting him sit in the seat etc. All round very good dentists

February  2018
Treatment Received: Cosmetic Dentist Consultation. I did a great deal of research before I approached Sharmilla to help with my dental problems. I had complete confidence in her, from the beginning she put me at ease with her kind, easy manner. I now have a first class smile and would highly recommend her. First rate service and treatment. 

January 2018
Accommodating, friendly and professional staff - as always. Initially seen very quickly, after tooth damage occurred. Subsequent assessment appointment followed shortly after, when treatment options and associated costs were well described. Absolutely painless injection prior to crown preparation - thank you.

January 2018
Marvellous! At all points the treatment and the plans are discussed. As a patient this makes me feel involved and in control of my own care. Options are given and explained fully. The fact I am a nervous patient is taken into account and catered for. My dentist always makes sure I am comfortable with what is going on and explains what he is doing. The Dentist has a lovely sense of humour, happy to have a giggle which means patients relax more ( well I do anyway!) but at the same time remains focussed and professional. Fantastic reception staff that go over and above to make sure appointments are made. Always friendly and professional. Dental nurses are lovely. Also professional and accommodating. If they are running late, staff let you know and keep you informed rather than just leave patients guessing. Just all round lovely people who enjoy what they do! Thoroughly recommend!!

January 2018
As first time at Dental croft I can be satisfied, I received a good service and the staff was kind and available. I went there to fill out a tooth affected by a carie, the dentist was very polite and professional, after the injunction she filled out the carie and the final result is perfect I even can't remember which tooth she cared for because the intervention was done properly.

December 2017
I have not been to the dentist for quite some time , this was a hard experience for me to do , however the entire operation at the dental center was amazing from the ladies at the front desk to actual dentist , i was blown away by their care and attention , the lady at the desk on my return visit even remembered my partners exams and asked how they went , wow a great service from a great team easily 5 stars

December 2017
I can’t recommend Croft highly enough. An old filling fell out on Thursday and I was in and out with a nice shiny new one the next day. Zero pain even when giving the injection and throughout the treatment. I can’t even tell the filling has been replaced! The dentist was so kind and caring especially as I am a tad nervous . Also the receptionist is brilliant, she had someone on the phone, myself and someone else waiting to pay plus a dentist trying to get her attention. She dealt with it all calmly and efficiently, great service all round!

November 2017
The whole family feels comfortable when visiting this Dental Centre. I personally have concerns when visiting dentists but this Centre makes me feel at ease. Brilliant dentists, hygienists and staff. I would recommends this Centre to anybody.

November 2018
 Treatment Received: Dental Implants -  This trust could not have been more completely vindicated "I was faced with the imminent collapse of three contiguous front teeth and dreaded the prospect of a denture. The underlying cause of my difficulties was a missed-developed underbite and much work had to be done to correct it.The rectification was so beneficial and gave me such confidence in my clinician's expertise that I was inspired to opt for implant replacements. This trust could not have been more completely vindicated: it was all worth every penny but the sensitivity, diligence and moral support I received during the course of treatments were beyond price. I live very locally and through multiple changes of ownership I had already been a patient here for over three decades, so was actually inherited by the clinic. For this, I thank my lucky stars. Under this ownership not just are my teeth transformed but even the way I think about them."

November 2018
Rodica is brilliant and I would recommend her to anyone. 

October 2018
Best practice ever :) The best dental practice I’ve ever been to and being a nervous patient that says a lot. Reception staff are kind, efficient and seem to genuinely care about their patients. My dentist was also very helpful in explaining the treatment options to me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any friend or family member in the future. Keep up the good work!

October 2018
Rajpal is very patient and re assuring as I an a nervious patient. Staff are also very helpful and polite. 

October 2018
Always so helpful especially Dr Nic. I love coming here.

October  2018
The dentist Rekha Nathen was very througher with my teeth being I haven't been to a dentist for at least 2 years. Glad I picked this dentist for me and highly recommend

September 2018
Rajpal is a great dentist. He gave me all the options about a complicated filling and I felt no pressure to go private at all so opted for NHS. He even gave me a temporary filling and it's better than the actual filling another dentist gave me!!

September 2018
I’ve had a long Invisalign treatment and really don’t like the dentist, but the whole process has really helped. Staff are great and every appointment was easy and I’m now almost at the end and pleased with the result.

August 2018
I joined Croft about 18 months ago and have been a very regular visitor ever since! My 'goals' were to have my problem wisdom teeth removed and to have straighter, healthier teeth. Everyone has been brilliant, helpful and friendly. Priya and Rajpal in particular have been amazing and considering all the work I have had done I always look forward to coming in. Communication is fantastic, I always feel well informed and accommodated. I recommend them to anyone looking for a new dentist in the area.

August 2018
Great dental practice with very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Priya is my dentist and she is very good with the whole family including my 5 year old daughter!! Jackie is my hygienist and she is a very nice lady and brilliant at her job. Highly recommended

July 2018
(Marguerite Kelly) restored my confidence in hygienist treatment - Excellent.

June 2018
Marvellous people! I have been a patient for years, a nervous one to begin with, but The Croft staff have helped me overcome this. At every appointment time is spent explaining what options there are and what is likely to happen. During any procedure I am always asked if I am ok. Recently I had a problem with a toothache and the practice manager bent over backwards to get me seen. Friendly staff that treat you like a human being, not just a patient. From the moment the phone is answered by the very competent receptionist to the time I leave I feel valued and cared for ! I truly recommend The Croft ! Restored my faith in dentists!! Thank you for everything

June 2018
I'm not good with dental work (phobia!!!!) I was 100% anxious on the run up to my appointment and also in the waiting room, explained this to the nurse and the dentist too (can't recall their names, sorry) On entering the treatment room, he explained what he would be doing, what I may feel and we agreed a stop signal if the treatment became unbearable. There was a little bit of discomfort having the injections and my heart was racing, nurse and dentist were both very calming and put me at ease, he was talking about the way they do things and how it was progressing, before I knew it the tooth was out. I chose this dental practice based on the reviews and I can confirm they were accurate. If you have any doubts or worries about dental work, then come here and talk to them, they have restored my faith in dentists and I would recommend them to anyone.

May 2018
Rodica by far is the best dentist ! Always so kind and considerate when looking after my girl's teeth !! Always having their best interest at heart. 

May 2018
I had previously signed up with another dentist who incorrectly diagnosed what needed to be and would have cost me an additional £1000. Glad I chose to sign up at Croft as I feel I'm in far better hand now. I was dealt with professionally and with understanding.

May 2018
Great Service for my Emergency Dental appointment : This morning I chipped my front tooth and was in a lot of pain and distress. Within the hour The Croft dental practice was able to see me for an emergency appointment. Straight away they put me at ease, treated the tooth, prescribed correct medication and booked me in for a follow up appointment. I was so impressed at the genuine concern for their clients and the flexibility to get me seen straight away. I would definitely recommend this practice to friends and family as I feel that they have been so accommodating and caring. Thanks again!

April 2018
I am always made to feel very comfortable. rodica is brilliant with my anxiety. 

April  2018
Exceptionally good experience. 

March  2018
Treatment Received: Invisalign - My teeth had started to move due to my age. My friend recommended me to CDC and they have been great. I am now having Invisalign treatment which is proving to be successful but painless. The treatment is still ongoing and the staff are all very nice. Recommendation. All staff excellent.

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